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Divorce Law Scotland

In Scots Law, there is only one ground of divorce: irretrievable breakdown of marriage. However, you have to show that your situation falls under one or more of these categories:

Separation for more than a year with the consent of your spouse.

Separation for more than two years, in which case consent isn’t needed.

Adultery – this is self-explanatory, but will you be able to prove it?

Unreasonable behaviour – this includes behaviour such as violence, mental cruelty, drinking, gambling – anything you shouldn’t be expected to put to up with.

Desertion – where your spouse has left you more than a year ago, and where you’ve not refused to take him or her back without good reason.

If you’ve no children under 16, and where there are no finances to be sorted out, then you can use what’s called the  "Simplified Procedure".

Contact us today and we can help you complete the forms for the simplified procedure and support you with some advice



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Divorce Law in Scotland's Courts